the homes of artists – the home of UK artist Lally MacBeth

Artist Lally Macbeth shows us around her Cornish home. Stuffed with handmade and vintage memorabilia, every room is as colourful as she is. And being an artist who puts herself into the picture (think Cindy Sherman), we see her dressed for the occasion. Eat your heart out Delia and Fanny. Lally gets set to cook up a storm as a 1970’s cookery queen!  You can also read my interview with her on the interviews page. Read More

the art of traditional and contemporary Bhutanese artist Phurba Namgay

This month Vogue features a photoshoot in Bhutan…

om pom vogue bhutan 1    om pom vogue bhutan 9    om pom vogue bhutan 7


It showcases models posed alongside traditionally dressed Bhutanese, which made me think about contemporary Bhutan.  I wondered if there might be much of a modern art movement there, in a place so deeply steeped in tradition.  I hadn’t got a clue what I might find, but as soon as I saw the work of Phurba Namgay I fell in love!

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