the pop art and sculpture of Marisol

Sculptor Marisol Escobar was born in France in 1930 of Venezuelan descent. In line with her feminist values she dropped her surname to lose her patrilineal identity and went simply by the name Marisol. She is most famous for her sculptural portraits and signing her works with drawings or casts of her face and body. In 1964 she was more famous for her Pop art than Warhol… Read More

homes of artists and their studios – the Bondi Beach studio, home and art of Australian artist Daimon Downey

Australian artist Daimon Downey’s colourful apartment is part of a grand Art Deco building on Bondi Beach.  After spending 10 years on the road as a singer with Sneaky Sound System and touring with Lady Gaga and Robbie Williams, Downey left the band in 2009 to return to his first love, art.   The result is a home that is unpretentious and fun…

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