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Hi and welcome to Om Pom Happy!

As you can probably tell I have a love affair with art, interiors and all things creative, especially when artists and designers think outside the box.

My love of drawing, making and writing began early, illustrating my poems and sculpting animals from pipe-cleaners, raffia and cloth.  Today I sculpt and paint with a bias towards using eco materials.  I am passionate about the environment and most of my work reflects that.

My love affair with interiors also stems from childhood.  To me it’s just another art form and I love looking at the worlds behind creatives.  Homes reflect so much about their owners.  I began painting my own childhood bedroom (and everything in it!) from 9 years old, with a psychedelic tendency towards orange and purple (my love of orange remains today). By the time I was 13 I worked a Saturday job to fund my new passion for vintage filling my room with a Victorian marble washstand, mahogany chest of drawers and brass bed.

I’ve lived in squats and wrecks, but for the past 30 years I’ve shared my UK home with the artist Dan Juskus.  It’s a social housing half-ownership project and a large Victorian semi.  It has featured in magazines, won the House Beautiful Magazine House of the Year £10,000 prize and featured in advertisements and the Dulux paint brochure.  And all this on a Housing Association house in a very ordinary town with hardly a penny spent! Everything in it, apart from the white goods, have been made and designed by either me or Dan, right down to the tables, beds and even the amplifier and speakers for the hi-fi!  All the rooms are crammed with art either by Dan, myself or our kids and friends.  It’s a home not a showcase, often enlivened by a party or two.

I’ve had a multi various career to say the least and have been a nurse, a mural artist, a publisher, a print designer, a gardener, barmaid, waitress, blogger, children’s author and more.  My books include the award-winning Minnie Piper series…

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