UK artist Dan Juskus

Dan Juskus’s paintings are so modern yet could be ancient symbols or even tribal.  They are exquisitely simplistic of form and everything is stripped back, apart from what is necessary to draw you in and keep you there.  He paints, draws and sculpts from his studio in Gloucestershire…


om-pom-gallery-dan-juskus-umbrella (1)



Hi Dan, what’s your inspiration?

I find shapes in everyday objects and am constantly snapping whatever grabs my attention.  I take photos so out of context that I often forget the original source.  With several sketchbooks always on the go, I work with anything that produces a line – pencil, felt-tip, oilbar, pastel, ink.


red life form

Above: RED LIFE FORM    pastel on paper   20 x 15 cms



Above:   SEMAPHORE  pigment marker on handmade paper 42 x 30cms



Above: ORANGE HYPNO    acrylic on board    65 x 65 cms


What about your artistic influences?

Definitely Ellsworth Kelly, Alexander Calder, Dan Flavin, Bridget Riley, Donald Judd and Agnes Martin.  But I’m also a huge fan of Instagram and am particularly excited by emerging, experimental young Japanese artists as well as kids’ art.



Above:   FLAG 2     oilstick on paper   60 x 85 cms


om-pom-gallery-dan-juskus-blue-wave 30 x 30

Above:   BLUE WAVE     pigment marker on handmade paper   30 x 30 cms



Above: THREE MOONS   oil sticks on handmade paper 30 x 69 cms



Above: GALAXY  acrylic on lead  41 x 20 cms


Tell us a little about yourself…

My mum was Italian and my Dad Lithuanian so I grew up with a diverse heritage and lots of pasta!  I’m heavily into music and hi-fi and own several valve amps and build my own speakers.  I have hundreds of cds and even more vinyl(!) mostly electronic – drum ‘n bass, techno – but also accoustic if it has attitude and an individual voice.  I also sing and play the guitar and harmonica.



Above:   FROOT     acrylic and ink on handmade paper   42 x 30 cms


om-pom-gallery-dan-juskus-flag-3 30 x 30

Above:   FLAG 3     acrylic on handmade paper   30 x 30 cms



Above:   PAGODA     acrylic on paper   58 x 79 cms


om-pom-gallery-dan-juskus-ta-rah 42 x 30

Above:   TA-RAH     pigment marker on handmade paper   32 x 40 cms



Above:   ROW     acrylic on handmade paper   32 x 40 cms



Above:   JACKDAW MOUNTAIN     acrylic on paper   58 x 79 cms



Above:   PINK SMOKE     pigment marker on handmade paper   42 x 30 cms



Above:   LIFE FORM 2     acrylic on paper   58 x 79 cms


om-pom-gallery-dan-juskus-diceman 58 x 79

Above:   DICEMAN     acrylic on paper   58 x 79 cms


grey hypno

Above: GREY HYPNO   acrylic on wood     58 x 58 cms


om-pom-gallery-dan-juskus-cage 42 x 30

Above:   CAGE     ink on handmade paper   42 x 30 cms



Above:   UMBRELLA     acrylic and ink on paper   60 x 85 cms



Above:   FLAG 1     oilstick on paper   60 x 85 cms

Yellow birdAbove:    YELLOW BIRD  pastel on paper   42 x 32  cms



Above:  BROWN GRID  oilstick on handmade paper  21 x 30 cms


dja blue circles

Above: WE FOUR   oilstick on tracing paper, paper-backed    84 x 60 cms



Above: IO   oil stick on tracing paper, paper-backed   60 x 85 cms


dropAbove: DROP 1   marker pen on handmade paper (study)   15 x 11 cms


Thanks, Dan.  What music would you like to sign out with?

I’d like to choose I SCARE MYSELF by the wonderful Dan Hicks.  So sad to lose him earlier this year…

Dan’s work is for sale in the gallery. You can follow him on instagram @danjuskusart and see his website here


images: DAN JUSKUS