the art of Danny Fox

For such a remote, tiny fishing town in the very South West of England, St Ives has produced a huge legacy of artists from Alfred Wallis to Barbara Hepworth, Patrick Heron, Terry Frost, Sandra Blow, Roger Hilton and many more.  And now Danny Fox can be added to that list.  A self-taught artist who describes himself as just ‘going for it’ he is fast making a name in the art world.  I love his work and hope you do too…  Read More

home of Alexander Calder

I love Calder.  Last year I saw an exhibition of his paintings at the Gagosian, London and this summer I was lucky enough to see his circus wire sculptures at Tate Modern.  I loved it so much I went round twice!  I’m a huge fan of anything to do with the circus and my own home is filled with my trapeze sculptures, which left me wondering about Calder’s home.  His mobiles are mostly photographed in minimal spaces, yet I couldn’t believe that someone who made the circus works could possibly live somewhere without clutter.  Especially as he is so often photographed with a ciggie hanging out the corner of his mouth and wild hair.  As you can see from the above picture, I wasn’t disappointed…

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the life, studio and art of Dutch artist Lucebert

I love Lucebert, not only for his amazing drawings and paintings, but because I feel I would have liked to’ve known him.  He dropped out of art school after 6 months and took to the streets, homeless for 9 years from 1938-1947.  People who give up everything have a special quality.  When I dropped out of nursing I went to work at the Simon Hostel, a homeless shelter in Oxford, UK.  It was one of my happiest times and the men I got to know and befriend there were some of the most lovely and interesting I have ever met.  Lucebert was also a poet, an anti-apartheid activist, a family man and part of the COBRA group.

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