eco homes

Eco homes are my biggest love.  Here are those that have featured so far…


I love this house.  It shows you don’t have to compromise style to be eco.  It’s the strawbale home complete with wormery to purify waste water of fashion designer Arabella Ramsay and her yoga teacher husband Nick Wilson.




om pom arabella ramsay 5


om pom arabella ramsay cushions 3


om pom arabella ramsay 12


You can see more of Arabella’s home HERE



The wooden cabin of sustainable designer Lilah Horwitz and photographer Nick Olson.  Lilah and Nick handbuilt the cabin themselves for $500 using all reclaimed materials.










You can read my interview with Lilah and see more of her house HERE


This is the modest eco home of artist Agnes Martin.  Agnes built two homes in New Mexico entirely by herself, felling the timber and handmaking the bricks from clay while in her fifties.  She lived very simply without electricity and practiced Buddhism.


om pom agnes martin studio 4


om pom agnes martin Arne Glimcher in Agnes's studio Cuba 1977

om pom agnes martin 10


Agnes Martin. 216B-065-087 Gallistea, NM, USA 1992 Vogue. November 1992. pp. 307 “The entry to the artist’s compound near Santa Fe.”


You can read about and see more of Agnes Martin’s home HERE


I love shacks.  It’s mine and Dan’s dream to build our own and live simply.  Sadly, in the UK, land is so expensive that it prohibits all of us who would like to pursue this way of life.  So we’ve learnt to make the most of the local authority home we’re in.  That’s also the philosophy of many South Africans who live in townships, folk who were forced into shacks during apartheid and have remained there ever since.  However, against all the odds, and mastering the art of recycling, they have made their homes the most innovative and colourful I have ever seen.










You can see more South African shacks HERE