Villa Californie the French home of Picasso

As Picasso’s art Les femmes d’Alger (Version O) sells for a record $179m this week at Christie’s, I thought I’d take a peek inside his homes and studios on the French Riviera…


om pom picasso sea views picassostudio3


Picasso moved to Vallauris Golfe-Juan in 1947 and discovered ceramics, producing over 4,000 works at the Fournas workshop. He then moved to the Villa Californie in Mougins, a 19th century house just outside Cannes in 1953 and finally to Notre Dame de Vie where he lived for 12 years with his wife Jacqueline Roque and died in 1973.


om pom picasso home in Mougins


Picasso’s house in Notre Dame de Vie.


om pom picasso Pablo-Picassos-former-house mougins


om pom picasso Pablo-Picassos-former-house4


Above is how it looks today, and below when it belonged to Picasso…


om pom picasso Pablo-Picassos-former-house3


It has 10 bedrooms, 8 bathrooms, 2 swimming pools, a tennis court, guest house and guard house and sold in 2013 for $220 million.


om pom picasso 18



Picasso was a great lover of dogs…


om pom picasso 14


om pom picasso 7


om pom picasso Black_and_white_period_Pablo_Picasso_loved_dogs_and_owned_many


om pom picasso with jaqueline Roque and Lump, David Douglas's dachshund

Above: Picasso and Jacqueline and dachshund, Lump.


om pom picasso with paloma 1957


Picasso in Villa Californie with his daughter Paloma in 1957.


om pom picasso pablo-picasso-picasso-drawing-father-img


om pom picasso picasso-studio-2

In his studio Villa Californie.

Below with Brigitte Bardot…

om pom picasso picasso-with-brigitte-bardot 1955


om pom picasso Picasso-In-His-Studio-Villa-La-Californie-18


om pom picasso Picasso-In-His-Studio-Villa-La-Californie-17


om pom picasso Picasso-In-His-Studio-Villa-La-Californie-14


om pom picasso Picasso-In-His-Studio-Villa-La-Californie-13


om pom picasso Picasso-In-His-Studio-Villa-La-Californie-12


om pom picasso Picasso-In-His-Studio-Villa-La-Californie-9


om pom picasso Picasso-In-His-Studio-Villa-La-Californie-6


om pom picasso Picasso-In-His-Studio-Villa-La-Californie-7


om pom picasso 26


om pom picasso 27


picasso new


om pom picasso 25


om pom picasso 24


om pom picasso 15


om pom picasso 17


om pom picasso 16


om pom picasso 19


om pom picasso PicassoPhotoStudio1956


om pom Picasso-In-His-Studio-Villa-La-Californie-4


om pom picasso 29


om pom picasso 9


om pom picasso Picasso-In-His-Studio-Villa-La-Californie-11


om pom picasso Picasso-In-His-Studio-Villa-La-Californie-5


om pom picasso david-douglas-duncan-picasso


om pom picasso picasso-polka-dots


om pom picasso Picasso-In-His-Studio-Villa-La-Californie-15


And finally at his home at Notre Dame de Vie…


om pom picasso picasso-arranging-displays-of-his-paintings-at-his-home-in-notre-dame-de-vie-mougins-1gemgbr

Above: Picasso arranges a display of his paintings at his home in Notre Dame de Vie. 

Below is also Notre Dame de Vie…


om pom picasso 1 Pablo-Picasso-007


I’ll leave you with him doing what he does the best…

WORDS: Cand Juskus

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