om pom lucebert studio 4

the life, studio and art of Dutch artist Lucebert

I love Lucebert, not only for his amazing drawings and paintings, but because I feel I would have liked to’ve known him.  He dropped out of art school after 6 months and took to the streets, homeless for 9 years from 1938-1947.  People who give up everything have a special quality.  When I dropped out of nursing I went to work at the Simon Hostel, a homeless shelter in Oxford, UK.  It was one of my happiest times and the men I got to know and befriend there were some of the most lovely and interesting I have ever met.  Lucebert was also a poet, an anti-apartheid activist, a family man and part of the COBRA group.

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om pom david bowie  D Head IV, 1994-95

the art of David Bowie

The art of David Bowie is often over looked.  I remember going into a tiny gallery in St Ives, Cornwall, probably some 20+ years ago and chatting to the owner who brought out a Bowie painting from the back of the shop.  It was wonderful and I wish I could have bought it.  It had a red background…


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