om pom alexander calder house 3

home of Alexander Calder

I love Calder.  Last year I saw an exhibition of his paintings at the Gagosian, London and this summer I was lucky enough to see his circus wire sculptures at Tate Modern.  I loved it so much I went round twice!  I’m a huge fan of anything to do with the circus and my own home is filled with my trapeze sculptures, which left me wondering about Calder’s home.  His mobiles are mostly photographed in minimal spaces, yet I couldn’t believe that someone who made the circus works could possibly live somewhere without clutter.  Especially as he is so often photographed with a ciggie hanging out the corner of his mouth and wild hair.  As you can see from the above picture, I wasn’t disappointed…

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the art of Bas Kosters

Dan and I have been travelling around Europe all summer and an unexpected delight was finding the work of Bas Kosters in Arnhem Museum of Art.  Bas is a Dutch fashion designer based in Amsterdam.  He also paints and makes soft sculptures that all add up to create Kosters’ amazing world…

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