the art of Bas Kosters

Dan and I have been travelling around Europe all summer and an unexpected delight was finding the work of Bas Kosters in Arnhem Museum of Art.  Bas is a Dutch fashion designer based in Amsterdam.  He also paints and makes soft sculptures that all add up to create Kosters’ amazing world…

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om-pom-gallery-dan-juskus-umbrella (1)

the art of UK artist Dan Juskus

Dan Juskus’s paintings are so modern yet could be ancient symbols or even tribal.  They are exquisitely simplistic of form and everything is stripped back, apart from what is necessary to draw you in and keep you there.  He paints, draws and sculpts from his studio in Gloucestershire…  Read More

om pom lucebert studio 4

the life, studio and art of Dutch artist Lucebert

I love Lucebert, not only for his amazing drawings and paintings, but because I feel I would have liked to’ve known him.  He dropped out of art school after 6 months and took to the streets, homeless for 9 years from 1938-1947.  People who give up everything have a special quality.  When I dropped out of nursing I went to work at the Simon Hostel, a homeless shelter in Oxford, UK.  It was one of my happiest times and the men I got to know and befriend there were some of the most lovely and interesting I have ever met.  Lucebert was also a poet, an anti-apartheid activist, a family man and part of the COBRA group.

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om pom david bowie  D Head IV, 1994-95

the art of David Bowie

The art of David Bowie is often over looked.  I remember going into a tiny gallery in St Ives, Cornwall, probably some 20+ years ago and chatting to the owner who brought out a Bowie painting from the back of the shop.  It was wonderful and I wish I could have bought it.  It had a red background…


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